Good Wins Over Evil: The Sad Tale Of Rumplestiltskin, The Unfortunate Subcontractor

She’s a good princess from the top of her golden head to the tips of her tiny, do-gooding shoes. Everyone says so. Her company sells the best and sweetest-smelling straw you could want to bed out a horse stall with, and the crisp grasses it comes from are grown by the nicest farmers with red […]

Earthy stuff

(Two attempts) 1. Farming, the way it is done almost everywhere in the U.S., requires tons of fertilizer every time a field is replanted. With every hard rain, quite a bit of that same fertilizer washes off, running into nearby waterways and polluting them. When the crop ripens, machines or hands harvest it, and later […]


The traffic light, like most downtown lights, was taking an eternity but I stared at it feeling certain I could will it to change if I just concentrated hard enough. It refused to budge off red, and I sighed. The buildings downtown were shimmering from the heat, reflections from windows were making my eyes hurt. […]

In His House At R’lyeh Dead Cthulhu Waits Dreaming

Mrs. Reese, the social worker of the hospital, a middle-aged woman with dark, reddish-black straight hair pulled tight into a chignon, shook hands peculiarly; she stuck her hand out with the wrist bent like a gooseneck, and the two sisters hesitated, not quite knowing how to grasp a hand offered so. Yvette extended her own […]