Content Repurposing – Blog to Twitter

I wrote a blog post titled Why Do We Pollute The Earth?

Below, I am repurposing the content of the post for Twitter.

This took quite a bit of editing to reduce the length and increase the focus.


 WHY DON’T WE ACT AND SAVE THE PLANET? We have heat waves, flooding from rising seas. Here is why:
#savetheplanet #nomorepollution #whydowepollute
DIFFICULTY – It takes more energy & time to clean up a mess than it takes to make one.
#itshardnotimpossible #dontbelazy

COST – It is costly to not pollute, so companies pollute and focus on getting higher short term profits.
#moneyisnteverythjing #itsexpensivetopollute

TIME –  It’s quicker to build something that pollutes vs. taking time to study the problem & learn to do it better.
#goodworktakestime #todayistomorrowsmemory

PRIORITY – We focus on “Now” vs. “The Future”.  But we should plan for our kids to have clean water, air.
#firstthingsfirst #motherearthdeservesprotection
OTHERS DO IT –  Companies see competitors pollute without penalty. We need even enforcement & rules.
#yourbrotheriswrong #makeyourowndecision
DISRESPECT FOR NATURE – We disrespect Nature and have low understanding of how the Earth works. …
#dontdisrespectnature #theearth
NATURE WILL RESPOND – … Nature controls and balances the size and spread of all species against another.
#dontmesswithmother #themightywillfall
INACTION IS DEATH – … If we don’t take action, Nature will reduce the amount of humans vs. other species.
#nomorehumans #extinction #thefloodiscoming
HABIT – We do like our parents did. Focusing heavily on reducing pollution is new.
#breakthepattern #noexcuses #badhabbits
GREED – Automakers cheated on auto pollution tests to get greater profits.
They made Billions but wanted more.
#howmuchisenough #wheredidalthetoysgo #moneygreed
GET IT FIXED – Let’s share the Toys, friends, & clean up after ourselves, or future Kids will get a huge mess to fix!
#sharethetoys #cleanitup


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