In His House At R’lyeh Dead Cthulhu Waits Dreaming

Mrs. Reese, the social worker of the hospital, a middle-aged woman with dark, reddish-black straight hair pulled tight into a chignon, shook hands peculiarly; she stuck her hand out with the wrist bent like a gooseneck, and the two sisters hesitated, not quite knowing how to grasp a hand offered so. Yvette extended her own […]

A Nursing Home Dictionary

Stuart — 1.n. A masculine given name. 2.adj. Short, dark, hirsute, and urbane. Having a low forehead and beady little eyes. 3.v. To be the administrator at a nursing home. 4.adj.Extremely viscous or unctuous when visitors arrive. Not the usual family visitors, though: only wealthy family, or perhaps a new staff doctor. 5.v. To wear oversized clothing, notably black baggy suits, but made […]