Jackie’s Magic Eggs – Expansion

Jackie held the syringe of yellow-brown poison up to the always-buzzing fluorescent lights in the secret laboratory, examining it carefully, and thought about what to do next.  What they did to the animals in the lab was a crime against nature, she thought, reasoning that her long years of study at the University’s School of MicroBiology and her graduate Genetics training in CRISPR, the latest genetic editing technique, which made her uniquely qualified to act.  What was going on here, Jackie thought, was unethical, evil, and risky, as they were using advanced genetic engineering techniques on these poor animals. The lab she was in had a contract with a obscenely giant pharmaceutical company, one that Jackie had serious reasons to distrust, no, rather hate.

Jackie looked down at the facility guard sprawled on the floor and frowned. He was out cold, but for how long?  He looked harmless, but should she take the chance?  Any delay and her chance of making it out of the facility with the prize she sought in her backpack would be slim.   Forget it, she decided, he won’t be awake soon, not with the nasty purple bump on his forehead where she hit him with the fire extinguisher. She had better things to do.

Grabbing her backpack off the lab bench, heavy with her prize, she turned and injected the poison into the air filter feeding the animal subject cages.  It would not kill the animals, but would contaminate the test area. The next lab results would be a complete failure, perhaps so that they would have to start over, or give up.  And in their financial condition, they would be bankrupt within months, never realizing that they had succeeded at their crazy genetic experiment.

She turned, went through the lab doors, and left the facility, walking down the hill quicky,  not looking back until she reached her car. Once in her car, she looked to see if anyone had followed her, and looked in the car’s rear view mirror.  Jackie put her fingertips to her face, then pushed her nails in behind her ears on both sides.  It hurt slightly as her fingernails dug in, then Jackie pulled both hands forward, and slowly peeled off the 3-D printed face mask. No one would know it had been her committing the break-in, Jackie thought, as she smiled and removed the silicone inserts from her shoes. “Call me Jackie, Jackie Bond”, haha, Jackie thought.

It was a few days later when she met up with Sam, who had run the initial tests on her hard captured bounty.

“You won’t believe the lab test report!”, Sam stuttered, holding the results in his hand, his glasses askew on his perspiring face. “Where did you get this?!! What you have here, or the source of them, are worth Millions, or Billions!!

He explained that the results showed extremely high levels of both CBD and THC plus a whole lot of hybrid sugars, so they were a naturally sweetened Cancer and Anxiety fighting combination, and super tasty, with low calories!

Jackie thanked Sam. After she left, she went into her basement, into her own mini lab behind the bookcase, turned on the lights, and looked down at her babies.

“Honey, let’s take a look”, she said to her fluffy favorite. Carefully lifting up the Mamma Goose, she saw it had already laid 4 more eggs.

The eggs were quite pretty, almost golden.   Jackie smiled, and picked one up, carefully holding it up the the light to examine it, and admired its color and beauty.  She was thinking they would make a very excellent and special omelet, good tasty medicine indeed, with perhaps some added garlic and parsley.

The next morning her baby girl, Jasimine, woke early and hungry.

“Ma-Ma!  I wanna cakes”, Jasimine screeched, meaning “pancakes”.  Jasimine’s wide blue eyes pleaded with her mother, almost buried under her somewhat scraggly blonde wig.

Jackie thought happily that Jas was sounding fairly healthy for a 3 year old child barely surviving after 2 rounds of chemo.

Her little body could take no more, thus Jackie had climbed the long hill, broke into the lab to take one big chance at saving her daughter.

“Honey, today it’s Magic Eggs for you, please eat them as they will make you better”, Jackie explained to her daughter. “I would do anything for you, and these are special special medicine!”

“Ma-a … ok”, Jas spurted, and began to tackle her special omelete.

Jackie felt a bit more relaxed now, and thought about the next steps in her plan.

She planned to mail eggs in heated containers all over the world, and explain the process to each sick person or doctor.  Each recipient would have their own goose and would further distribute magic, Cancer killing goodies.

The CBD/THC mix could be adjusted simply by increasing the level of light that fell on the eggs as they cooked.

Thus Jackie planned to slay 2 giants with one stone, uh…egg.












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