Henry is concerned

Henry is concerned. He watches his wife of eight years head off to work and he stays at home with their son.

He is concerned because the scene has happened many times in the past, only he was the one heading out. And he knows the patterns, all too well.

Nothing is particularly obvious at first but things have changed between them. She denies it but something is, you know, off.

Things began to change when the firm that Henry work for went through a corporate restructuring and he lost his job. With the pressure of the finances looming, Kelly went back to work. Henry did a good job taking care of their son, keeping up with the house and yard work.

Things were ok, at first, but as time went by a bit of depression set in. Depression caused by the feeling that Kelly was becoming more distant, less physical and emotional, not only toward him but her son as well. Henry started to lose focus, put on weight and procrastination started to be the new catch phrase of the day 

She stared going in early and getting home late, more often. When asked there was either some lame excuse or no excuse at all. 

It all came to a head when Henry received a call from the police that there had been an accident that involved his wife and her boss. They were in a roadside motel room, when a car lost control and turned the light on that fact that she was having and affair.   

In his days as a young man, Henry ran like a rabbit without a care in the world. He never thought of the pain that he caused other people, He in fact, had affairs with married women, he cheated on his own girlfriend. Henry is concerned. What is he going to do now.

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