Donating Blood in these Confusing Times

I came across a perplexing situation today. The company where my wife works was conducting a blood drive, and we both decided to volunteer.

We both think that it is a great cause and we allowed our seven year old son to be a part. 

Everything was going along as I thought it should;  providing identification, normal tests and answering a lot of questions. I then was asked a question that took me by surprise.

“What is your gender?”  I am sure that a strange look came over me and I asked “seriously?” I am in my 50’s, six foot two, 300 pounds. Now, I know that outward appearances do not really mean a lot, so I answered the question and moved through the rest of the procedure.

On the way home I asked my wife if she found the question funny, and to my surprise, she was not asked the same thing. She said that the interviewer had her license and was getting most of the information from it. Well, my license was also submitted.

I could have just let it go but I got home and hit the computer. I found lots of information about the journey that donated blood travels. There are a dozen tests performed for type and diseases.

However, I found very little on whether gender plays any role.  So why the question? Gender apparently can be determined though a smear but this is not even a test. Also, they were just believing that I answered the question truthfully. Which I did. I hope someone, somewhere will benefit.

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