My Purpose in Life

My name is John, I have never been married and have no children but don’t feel bad for me, I am extremely happy with the paths that I have taken in my life. I have worked hard at my job and have become the head groundskeeper at a very prestigious country club and golf resort. It is just outside of Savannah and I take pride in telling people about my work.

I was put in charge at early age and crafted a beautiful place in which to be proud.

One of the benefits of working outside is that it has been easy to stay in shape. I am actually considered middle age. What is that anyway? Half way to the grave?

I feel that I am stronger now than most of the young ones that the club has attempted to employ now that I am getting older.

The guys around here kid with me all the time about how old and rickety I am, and that my voice always sounds tired and raspy. They call out “Hey John, You should retire and live the good life, they are looking to replace you with a newer model” 

What do they know. I am living the good life. This is the job that I was born to do.

Where would I retire to anyway… The tractor graveyard?

John Deere

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