Hey Grandma

Hi, Grandma!!

So hello!! How are you? Here I am finally at school, thank you for all your help to get me here.

What you did for me is fantastic and I will never forget it, I hope you know.

Well, the first few weeks here have been just crazy!  I have three roommates, and we sleep in 2 bunk beds and they are colorful but friendly characters.  They are from all over the country and are different kinds of engineers. Two have joined a fraternity and are asking me if I have interest.

Classes?  Ahah, well I go to them and take notes but the assignments are quite complicated and not well explained.  I do them in the library and try not to be too distracted. This for sure is not like high school.

And of course there is a girl I like, a girl from France named Lili, yeah, like a pretty flower but with blonde hair and green eyes.  She wears sweaters tied over her shoulders always and is a bit short but I get lost in her eyes and her freckles! She is studying Design and I visit her sometimes and help with her projects ( more interesting than Engineering! )

Well I will see you during school break in a few months, so take care.

I know you believe in me and have been there for me more than anyone else so if for anything, I do this for you.

Missing your chicken noodle soup – badly,

Love, Alex


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