Why Do We Pollute The Earth?

Global WarmingExtreme Heat WavesRising Seas.

Every week we hear about the consequences of our actions and ongoing inaction.

Why don’t we act and save the Planet?

Here are some answers to “Why do we pollute the Earth?”; with examples a 6 year old can understand.

  1. Difficulty. Harder to clean up. It takes more energy and time to clean up a mess than it takes to make one:
    Example: When you take your toys out to play, it is very quick, but putting them away takes more time.
  2. Cost. It is costly to not pollute. Companies focus on short term profit because capitalist markets pressure public companies to attain greater profits. If Companies did not have to spend money on pollution control, they would have more money.
    Example: Plastic bags cost less than paper, so we use them even though paper bags will dissolve in a year, and plastic takes 100 years or more.
  3. Time.  It is quicker to build something that pollutes a lot than taking the time to study the problem and write a report on how to do it better.
    Example: When you are hungry, you want the food now, not later.

  4. Priority. The focus is on “Now” versus “The Future”.  Solution: Plan mostly for the future generations to have clean water, air.
    Example: If you eat too much turkey at Thanksgiving, you will not be able to eat or enjoy the tasty apple pie dessert.
     5. Others do it. Companies see competing business get away with polluting. Solution: Even enforcement and even rules worldwide.
Example: If you know your friend breaks a rule ( Staying up past bedtime ) and is not punished, you want to break it also.
  1. Disrespect for Nature. We show low respect and understanding about Nature and how the Earth works. Nature is a complex and balanced system. Nature controls and balances the size and spread of ones species against another.  Example: If you kill a frog, that frog will not eat the mosquitos that bite you at night. You will get bitten more.
  2. Habit. We think and do as our parents did. Controlling and reducing pollution is something new. For most of the Western world, it was not believed to be important 100 years ago, and we did not have the technology to measure the changes, nor the technology to reduce or remove the pollution and damage.  Pollution control is a newer way of thinking.
    Example: If you like Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches made with Chunky Peanut Butter, you will not try the Creamy.

  3. Greed.  Huge Automakers were recently caught cheating on auto pollution tests and fined Billions.  They wanted higher sales, greater profits.  More money even though they made billions.
    Example: When you take all the toys, you leave your brother none.

Let’s share the Toys, friends, and do a good job of cleaning up after ourselves, otherwise the next Kids here will have a huge mess to clean up!

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